What a time to be alive!

I still have not fully wrapped my head around covid19.

I can see the impacts it is having on our mental health. The anxiety it is creating.

The fear of the unknown is covering our city like a blanket, causing chaos and madness to fill our streets and supermarkets.

The stress, the tension, the anxious feelings filling our body, causing us to believe we have symptoms which aren’t even there.

The sadness in our hearts because for so many we feel like we can’t hug our loved ones or kiss them good night, out of fear we are silent carriers of some soul stealing virus.

We live in a world where our survival depends on connection. It is in our nature to be close, to have that human interaction.

I have avoided speaking on this pandemic, because:

I can’t believe something like this could ever happen and I don’t want to add to the madness.

I see in my news feeds and blogs that I read speaking on this and it’s hard to tell the real from the fake. What’s facts and opinions. I feel it is only right that I don’t speak on something I don’t know.

What I will say is this.
Take this time to hold your loved ones. Take this time to get to know your family all over again. Hug them, cuddle them and let your kids join you in a 5 minute snuggle in bed. 

Don’t be too concerned about what is going on in the outside world.
Make a promise to yourself that you will watch the news once a day. Not to create more stress and chaos but to inform yourself on the updates needed to better prepare yourself.

Let’s become a society that is proactive not reactive. Let’s tackle this together, as a community looking out for one another.

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