The most magical place on Earth

Disneyland October 2019

Disneyland! I have never thought in my wildest dreams I would get a chance to go there, let alone bring my kids. Coming from such a dysfunctional childhood, parts of your imagination becomes limited. You believe that some things are just too far out of reach. Disneyland was one of those things. Traveling wasn’t an option growing up. Now things are different. I can give the world to my kids one vacation at a time.

It was such a proud mommy moment to not only plan this trip but surprise my kids as well along with getting custom mickey ears done with their favorite characters. To be honest I think I was more excited than the kids to go. Ha-ha! There was so much to see and take in, I definitely want to go back. The details in everything was magical, if you have never gone I highly suggest that you make it happen. Add it to your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed!

At 30 years old, 2 kids, my nephew and a boyfriend we somehow managed to squeeze this trip into our budget. Life’s too short not to go, What’s that saying? YOLO!! (You only live once) My only regret, is not going long enough.

It was definitely a vacation that kept us on our toes, back home in Vancouver it was rainy, dark and cold so the fact we got to spend time in the outdoor pool at the hotel, balanced it out nicely for us. There was an unlimited amount of things to do, and there was fun for everyone no matter the age. From the tea cups for the littles ones to the incredi-coaster over in California Adventure park for the older ones. The bibbidi bobbidi boutique was a huge hit for my daughter, and the boutique even managed to squeeze my nephew in with a knights package as he was included into our trip last minute and we didn’t have time to let the boutique know. Which brings me to talk about how Disney goes above and beyond for their customers. Because my nephew joined our trip last minute (literally 10 days before we were set to leave), the tickets for the Halloween party we were to attend, were sold out. On the day of the the actual party we went to the front ticket stand and they were able to work their magic and get us an extra ticket to he could join in on the special night. Those were the little things that stood out to me and made our trip that much more special, something I doubt the kids knew about. But I mean that was a stress not meant for them. They were there to be kids, enjoy the shows, to be stress free and believe in the magic. Even I was believing. Something about Disney has you believing that dreams really do come true! Pure innocence.