Dreams do come true!

I never in a million years thought I would be able to afford taking my family of 4 to such a dream destination; but I did. 2018 was the year I spent hard at work saving every dime, penny and nickle I could, to manage our dream vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii.

Adventures are worthwhile

I can’t even explain the pride this trip brought me. How accomplished I felt as a mother to be able to provide such a vacation. This trip opened up so many doors for me it allowed me to see that there is another life out there for me, for my family. It allowed to me realize: ‘hey, you don’t have to just go to work and go home, work and go home’, there is some wiggle room to make your best life happen. All it takes is some planning, budgeting, discipline and most important the urge to want to make it all happen. And me, I had that urge, I had the hunger for a different life. The fact that I have a partner that wants the exact same thing as me, made it all that easier to push through with the planning of this trip. I said I want to travel, see the world and explore new places and his response was let’s do what we need to make this happen. Ever since that trip to hawaii, we have hit the floor running with so many ideas, plans, and goals for our future. Not only for future vacations, but we are now talking about owning a home, starting businesses, working on ways to grow our savings. Working towards that better future. The best part is, we are doing it together. As a family.


As mom you picture the perfect life for yourself and children. The home, the car, the vacations and savings. This amazing future. Sometimes, your reality might not match your dream. Having it all might seem so far out of reach that it will deter you from even trying. But trust me mama, I am living proof you can make it happen! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. This is a story of not only me having my cake and eating it to, but so can you! If I am getting it, than so are you! I am a mother who came from poverty, grew up in the foster care system, no parent or home to call my own and yet here I am still making my dreams a reality. One step at a time. Trust me there are days where I feel way over my head, like I am in way to deep and not even fully understanding everything I am getting myself into. But I have to keep pushing, and striving for change, striving for the better life because if not me then who? Who will get up everyday and get this for me?

Waikiki beach

Hawaii has been the beginning of change for me. It was like woah, if I can commit to this, a one week vacation what else can I commit and dedicate my time to? What else is out there that is meant for me? For us? And that was it that was all the motivation I needed to really push for a better future, a better me. 1 trip to Hawaii and it has been an eye opener from there. I know I deserve this life. I know now I am worth having having it all. Hawaii sparked that in me.

Honolulu zoo